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Terms & Conditions

  1. PRO PROPERTY (PP) covers the property only to the extent that the condition of the premises permits. It only extends to the parts of the premises that are readily accessible. All other parts of the premises i.e. attics,  garages, lofts and communal areas that are not relevant to the inventory, are specifically excluded.

  2. This document is considered to be an accurate assessment of the contents and condition of the property. If you wish to make changes to this report, you have 7 days from receipt to request a copy of Pro Property’s  Amendments Template, which must be completed and emailed to for amendments to be reviewed. Only items not covered in the original report, and accompanied with  photographic evidence, will be added as amendments. If no amendments are received within this time in the approved Amendments Template, you are deemed to have agreed with the contents of this report. 

  3. Unless the Inventory is carried out in daylight hours, the exterior and belongings will not have been inspected.

  4. If a garden needs inspecting PP will endeavour to mention plants and shrubs however PP considers plants to be perishable.

  5. Lighting, electrical appliances, machinery and other similar items will be tested where practical, and in any event for power supply only. Burglar alarms and panic alarms are not tested.

  6. Carpets, rugs and other floor coverings have been inspected to the extent that they are sufficiently clean so that stains and markings, including burns and other damage can be readily identified.

  7. Unless otherwise stated in writing, items in boxes, plastic sacks and other containers are assumed to be awaiting removal and are specifically excluded from the inventory.

  8. All items are described only so that they can be identified. Sizes of objects are given only as approximate and are purely an aid for identification.

  9. It should be noted that the compiler of this report is not an expert in fabrics, woods, materials, antiques, etc and not a qualified surveyor. This inventory should not in any way be used as a report for valuation  purposes for the premises and its contents or as a structural survey report.

  10. Every effort has been made to carefully check the property and its contents; however, PP representative cannot move extremely heavy Contents, nor can we undertake to attempt entry to inaccessible places. Our  clerks will not report on areas such as overcrowded drawers & cupboards.

  11. The PP representative is not aware of recently bought items. New is only stated if the item is still within packaging. This inventory has been compiled on the basis that, unless otherwise stated, an item is free from  visible soiling, defects or damage.

  12. Newspapers, magazines, perishables, houseplants are not included unless specifically requested. Books, compact discs, DVDs, videotapes and other similar items will not be listed individually but will be stated as  ‘collections.

  13. The person preparing the Inventory is not an expert in The Fire and Safety Regulations in relation to soft furnishings. It assumes that all furnishings & fabrics have been checked by the landlord and/or managing  agent to ensure they comply with the relevant regulations at date of compilation.

  14. Any Inventories compiled with the tenants in situ may contain inaccuracies for which we cannot be held responsible.

  15. Meter readings can only be taken if meters are accessible and clearly marked. Otherwise the relevant boards must take the reading.

  16. Properties containing large amounts of assorted crockery, cutlery, glasses etc will not have items listed individually but will be listed as "contents sighted" & will not be fully inspected or place liability.

  17. It is essential that all items are returned to respective rooms as listed on the original Inventory before the Check Out is due to be carried out. Where items have not been returned to their original position and are  not easily seen they made be noted as “Not Seen” on the Check Out and their replacement may be charged for.

  18. All personal items should be removed prior to the Check Out and the tenant should be ready to vacate the property at the end of the Check Out returning all sets of keys.

  19. Unless otherwise stated, the report was carried out at the date and time stated on the front cover and all photos were taken during the inspection.

  20. PP will not be responsible for claims for loss OR damage for a Check In or Check Out report collated from another company that primarily OR heavily use abbreviations that may be misinterpreted.

  21. Smoke & CO alarms – all will be checked during each inspection, we will not however state if they have been tested or if they are working, we will check for power only.

  22. Cleaning Standards – every effort will be made to ‘grade’ each property, these grades are: 

Not Clean: No attempt has been made to clean the property

Domestic: Cleaned but to a low standard - multiple omissions throughout

High-Level: Near as good as Professional Clean, a few minor things missed, and no 'Pro Cleaning' invoice sighted

Professional: Immaculate. Could not find one cleaning omission

Abbreviations: TT/TNT: Tenant, LL: Landlord, FWT: Fair wear and tear

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